Watch this get a 1000% more notes even though I already posted it.

Watched it in 3D! Couldn’t see any of our mistakes hahahaha. (It helps when you sit far away~) But seriously go see it this weekend with your peeps! (I had this incredible urge to quote all of the characters because of having to watch so many of the scenes like 100x times through) orz

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practicing hands and oh hi there random ear
I HAD SO MANY FEELS FOR TONIGHT’S EP OF BOOK 4. T_____T Korrrraaaaaaa *gross sobbing* Writing letters only to BFF Asami ;A: I’d like to imagine in that snowy mountain shot, Asami’s words were what helped Korra brave the trek.gods I’m a mess…
Trying to be more expressive in my sketches and I forgot how much fun it was to draw these guys. It’s my Ragnarok Online guild from 11 years ago! ^___^ Missing a lot of other members, but these were the only ones that I could remember how to draw hahaah orz
Procrastinating on freelance stuff and I ended up drawing some cute trash.Also justbabyharpseals.tumblr.com is going to be the death of me
omg my cintiq finally came I’m so happy you have no idea

and holy shit spent way too much money on this thing hahahaha…..


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Add me! I’m Keameia (pic of my dog with a scarf!)

Haven’t posted art in while… sorry. Been dealing with art self-confidence issues yet again hahaha….orz

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New Digimon Adventure Sequel has been announced for Spring 2015!

The new anime is set slighly in the future: Taichi and the original Chosen Children are around seventeen and in high school. This is merely an announcement trailer and shows no new footage or information. Happy Odaiba Day!

Heads up: This anime will probably not be called Adventure 03. The “02” in the first sequel was referencing the year the story took place, 2002; the fact that it was the second season was merely coincidence!

(via digi-egg)

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Come find me at A-kon25 this weekend!!! :DDD I’ll be selling some shirtless swimbois, stickers and other poster prints!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ALSO I’ll be taking commissions ^__^



The Book Of Life

Directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez 

Studio ReelFX

SO EXCITED! :) Been waiting for the trailer to be released for so long ;_;

Trailer is out for the movie that I’m currently lighting/compositing on! :DD Please check it out~~~~~~~~!!

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